Thursday, August 14, 2014

Helow, Yerevan!

Armenia belongs to Caucasus or Caucasia which is a region at the border of Europe and Asia, located between the Black and Caspian seas. Last year during summer time in the region, I had an opportunity to visit this country, which I mostly spent my stay in Yerevan city.

Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia. It is considered to be one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited city according to Wikipedia. Yerevan is also the administrative, cultural and industrial center of the country.

Our hotel is just fronting a major tourist spot in the city that is why after checking in at the Armenia Mariott Hotel Yerevan around past 9pm, we immediately went out to the Republic Square. It has a festive atmosphere at that time where locals and tourists were all out celebrating summer and awaiting the start of the famous singing and dancing fountains!

The singing and dancing fountains was initially designed by engineer and scientist Abram Abramyan. We were lucky to watch the entire show which was magical and enchanting! This operates and performs just in front of the Art Gallery and History Museum. The fountains, colors and its movements depend on the rhythm of the song. We were mesmerized with background from crowd of "oohs" and "ahhs" and were entertained through its repertoire of classical music, contemporary jazz and rock.

I was amazed and so fortunate to see this during my visit to Yerevan. I also believe that I was the only Filipina in that crowd!!!

My colleague who has been to Yerevan several times acted as my tour guide that first night. Around Republic Square are 7 major buildings which are: (1) National Gallery and the History Museum building; (2) The Ministry of Territorial Administration; (3) The Government House; (4) The Central Post Office of the Republic of Armenia; (5) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs; (6) The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources; and (7) Armenia Mariott Hotel Yerevan. I did not have more time to explore each of these during my stay there but I tell you, the facade and architecture are so gorgeous during day time :)

Around the square are local cafes and local dining places so after the show and a brief tour around the square, I ended up with this:

One of the best sangrias I've ever tasted!!!

And of course, my much deserved selfie-shot!

Good night, Yerevan! See you on Day 2!

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