Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Me - time" at Yerevan

"Me time" during my travels is a luxury and I define it as being able to enjoy food and sights by myself :) During this Yerevan trip, I was able to squeeze a super quick stroll around the vicinity and an hour lunch by myself - so happy talaga!

A quick walk around:

Eventhough it's summer time, the weather here was actually cool!!!

Walking, walking! Cool local shops around. I bought local hand made products and local toys for my children in this area :)
Since I had very very limited time, I walked back to my hotel and had a lunch at La Cucina. Located at the second floor, it is considered as one of the unique places in the city where one can experience a Meditteranean atmosphere, moreso, one feels like you're in Tuscany! :)

I read that their hand made pasta is a must try and so be-it hehe. Of course, I could not get enough of their super delicious, fresh, juicy tomatoes as well.

All these, by myself hehe
I miss my family terribly and while I was having my muni muni moments while eating all these, look at my fantastic view:

top view angle, even more wow view!
Bye Yerevan!!!

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