Monday, August 18, 2014

Cafe Tiziano Yerevan

Happy Monday, folks :)

One of the major things I look forward to every time I travel is the experience of trying out local cuisine. In Yerevan, I noticed that these are staple in their dishes: Harissa (a porridge made of wheat and meat cooked together), Khash (beef or lamb feet usually eaten at breakfast over crumbled dried lavash bread), dzhash (brothy stew consisting of meat or legume), stuffed dishes, and lots and lots of fresh vegetables! 

I know that most of my friends, including my husband, love to eat lamb. I don't. In this region, they are big on lamb and even if I look forward to trying out their local cuisine, I just couldnt eat lamb huhuhu.  I always associate lamb with the song I always sing to my children: "Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb..." hehehe.

It was this great opportunity that I was able to take in as much vegetables and bread, lavash and matnakash (as I was not able to encounter rice there at that time). For the record too, their tomatoes were the yummiest I have ever tasted!!! 

Our Armenian colleagues brought us to this newest, chic and classy cafe and local dinner place called Cafe Tiziano.  I was greeted by rows of desserts which were literally calling my name, "Welcome to Yerevan..Eat me now, Sharon!". I was literally drooling even before we made our order!

Photos from Cafe Tiziano FB page
"We need to eat real food", my colleague told me. 
"But these are my real food!" hehehe

What I had were: tomato and garlic bruschettas for appetizer, mushroom cream soup with truffle oil and mascarpone for soup, grilled tenderloin with mushroom sauce (puro mushroom yata) and what is dinner without wine? :)

Armenian way of cooking is love :)
And my star of the night is:

Assorted sweets! (P.S. I did not finish them all ha?) :p
Cheers to a great day that was!

Colleagues from all over :)
I was given a take out box of Armenian sweets which my family enjoyed when I went back home.

Happy me :)
Cafe Tiziano is located at:

Vazgen Sargsyan 10, Piazza
Grande Business Center
0010 Yerevan, Armenia

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