Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scarloe Fynne

My dearest Scarloe Fynne was born with down syndrome, a genetic condition having an extra chromosome. I knew since my 24th week of pregnancy that she will be special. God has prepared me and my husband already at that early stage. When I gave birth to her in 2012, 5 days shy away from full term, we were still half expecting that ultrasound result from my 24th week until my delivery will a bit change. The karyotyping done confirmed her extra chromosome count immediately after her birth. We believe that our sweet Scarloe is destined to be in our family. 

Since we found out the possibilities of having a down syndrome baby, we began our heavy research of how we can raise her. We concluded that early intervention will be the main key. I will be sharing stories of how challenging and at the same time enjoyable for the family in engaging early intervention activities.

Just like Syene, Scarloe's name got so many raves from family and friends. Where does her name come from?

Scarloe's name is a unique one - I came up with a variation and derived her name from "Scarlett" which means "flaming red". Red is special and outstanding. As from this site says, people with this name has a desire for a stable, loving family and community, and a need to work with others; the need to be appreciated.

The name, "Fynne", is a respelling of the name, "Finn", an English transcription of the Gaelic / Celtic name "Fionn". It means "fair" or "white". It is actually a boy's name, but I added an "e" to make it suited for her :)

Scarloe is just 2 years and 3 months old as of this writing. She works hard from all her therapy sessions. She maintains happy disposition which is contagious to the whole family. She is the most loving and sweetest baby girl you will ever find. Most of all, we see that she will come a looooong way with her condition not hindering her.

I love you Scarloe so much :)

Our sweet Scarloe who brings joy to all of us!
Happy always!!!

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